Jet Fuel Rundown: Who are the 5 greatest Jets and when will Brady retire?

With the July 4th weekend just behind us, and the stunning news of Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors, football fans have hardly had time to talk about the NFL. Luckily for you, today’s rundown catches you up on some of the content you may have missed. And don’t worry — you will still get your fix of Durant news here!

1. Who are the 5 greatest Jets of all-time?

Ah, the most commonly asked question finally gets answered. Well, at least one person attempted to tackle this one. NFL Media’s Elliot Harrison ranked the five best New York Jets in a video on the Jets official website. The order is as follows:

  1. Joe Namath
  2. Don Maynard
  3. Curtis Martin
  4. Darrelle Revis
  5. Joe Klecko

Many people have pointed to his interceptions,” Harrison said. “But without Namath, the Jets would have never won it all… Namath called all his own plays, fought off terrible injuries to play 12 years in New York, and guaranteed the most important win in pro football history. That’s good enough for me.

It’s tough to disagree with the group of players, but the order can be debated. Harrison clearly went for rings over individual achievements, as Namath and Maynard were two of the biggest reasons New York topped Baltimore in Super Bowl III.

However, a case could be made for Martin, who ran for 1,000 yards in 10-of-11 professional seasons, or Revis, who is widely regarded as this generation’s best cornerback.

2. When will Brady retire?

This is a question that is equally difficult to answer, but gets Gang Green faithful fired up when discussed. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is entering his 16th NFL season, and at 38-years old, he is showing no signs of slowing down. How does 36 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and 4,770 yards sound?

ESPN’s staff of AFC East beat writers, including Jets reporter Rich Cimini, attempted to predict how long Brady will play in the league. Cimini noted that “the idea of him playing into his 40s isn’t farfetched,” but Dolphins writer James Walker claimed that Brady “won’t be under center for the Patriots in his mid-40s” because of the beatings he has taken.

I’ll tell you this much: Brady will probably be the best quarterback in the division until the day he hangs up the cleats. The Dolphins think they have found their franchise quarterback in Ryan Tannehill, but the Jets and Bills are still searching for their future superstar.

As far as when Brady will retire, pencil my guess in at 2020, after his contract expires. If I’m right, Brady will have played 21 truly remarkable seasons, presumably all with New England.

3. Bonus Jets news: reaction to KD to GSW

As promised, I’ll incorporate a little bit about the biggest news of the weekend. July 4, 2016 will forever be known as Kevin Durant’s independence day from Oklahoma City.

Here’s some of the top reactions from Jets players on the NBA-altering move:

Can’t argue with this tweet from Calvin Pryor! We might as well skip to the Cavaliers-Warriors NBA Finals.

Another valid point by a Jets defensive back. Sign me up for California… easily!

Maybe, Darrelle. How about 83 and -1?

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