Jets get obliterated by Patriots in another lifeless effort

The New York Jets were spotted a 16.5-point spread for Saturday’s game against the New England Patriots. It was the largest spread of the year for a single game and deservedly so.

The Jets could’ve been spotted 30 points and it wouldn’t have made a difference. They were thumped 41-3 by the New England Patriots. Once again, the Jets showed just how far away they are from being decent, let alone contenders.

Not much, if anything, went right for the Jets Sunday. Bryce Petty was knocked out of the game again after making a tackle following a Khiry Robinson fumble. This time, Petty was ailed with a left shoulder injury.

So, Ryan Fitzpatrick came back into the game and looked as terrible as he’s looked all season. He threw a terrible interception while forcing a ball into a closed window to Brandon Marshall (tell me you haven’t seen that before) and finished the game with seven completions, 108 yards and two interceptions 

The Jets are a really horrendous football team and it’s honestly worth wondering whether they could beat the Cleveland Browns right now. Nobody really knows if the team isn’t trying or simply isn’t good. All that matters is this is one gigantic disaster that won’t be a quick clean up.

Someone should alert Woody Johnson, who’s probably too busy brushing up on his English culture.

Quick hits: 

1. The Jets can’t even evaluate a QB properly: A somewhat important condition when evaluating a young quarterback is to give him, you know, protection. The Jets can’t keep Bryce Petty healthy and have found a way to screw this evaluation opportunity too. Last week, Petty took an enormous hit after his center accidentally snapped the ball early.

This week, he suffered an injury trying to clean up someone else’s mistake. He didn’t look good, throwing a brutal interception. But, he hasn’t gotten enough of a chance to show much of anything. That doesn’t add any clarity to New York’s pathetic quarterback situation.

2. Bowles made fatal error — giving Brady time: Listen, let’s all agree we’re happy Todd Bowles is OK after going to the hospital Friday. But, his decision to take a timeout late in the first half was as stupid as they come.

Bowles failed to realize he was playing against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who aren’t afraid to stick it to you when presented with an opportunity.

The Pats appeared content with running the clock out with under a minute remaining in the first half. After consecutive runs by Dion Lewis, Bowles burnt a timeout with 46 seconds left that he probably regrets now.

On 3rd and 4, Brady fired a 28-yard pass to Julian Edelman. One play later, Doug Middleton was called for pass interference as Malcolm Mitchell burnt him and rookie cornerback Juston Burris.

Then, the dagger came. Brady floated a pass to James White for a 25-yard touchdown. The Patriots went into the half up 27-0.

Now, the Jets weren’t going to win this game even if it was 20-0. But, just another game management blunder for Bowles, who has had a really bad season in that area.

3. Jets literally can’t stay healthy: The Jets are getting pummeled in every imaginable facet of the game. The Jets took a beating on the injury report, with Petty, Brandon Marshall, Sheldon Richardson, Bilal Powell and Leonard Williams each leaving the game with injuries.

4. Bah humbug: We here at Jet Fuel hope the Jets did not ruin your Christmas. Let’s just say, there are going to be a lot of exchanges in the new year. General manager Mike Maccagnan bought a lot of bad gifts that don’t fit, and he has a major mess to clean up this offseason.

Until then, just take solace in the fact that there’s only one game left in this miserable season.

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