Jets 2017 opponents set, will face NFC South and AFC West

The end of the regular season Sunday made a few things besides playoff seeding official. For one thing, draft order (the Jets will pick sixth overall); for another, teams’ 2017 opponents.

Graphic courtesy of Max Marcilla

It was inevitable for a few weeks, but because the Jets finished last in the AFC East and already have the AFC West next in the rotation, their other two conference opponents will be the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns, who finished last in the AFC South and AFC North, respectively.

The AFC East draws the AFC West and NFC South in 2017. The AFC West had three teams finish over .500 in 2016 and two (Oakland and Kansas City) make the playoffs. The NFC South is no slouch, either. Even though it looked two months ago like it might end up aggressively mediocre once again, and even though the defending NFC champion Carolina Panthers fell to last place this year, the NFC South was one of only two divisions where no team was worse than 6-10.

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