Jets WR Brandon Marshall declares he’ll finish top 5 in receiving in 2017

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall followed up his record-setting 2015 season with a total dud this season.

Marshall finished the season with 59 receptions, his lowest total since his rookie season, 788 yards and only three touchdowns during an abysmal campaign. His catch rate of 46.1 percent was a career-low and there were plenty of drops sprinkled in between the miserable year.

Marshall was making rounds at Super Bowl 51 in Houston and one of his stops were on ESPN’s “First Take,” where he formulated a hot take that was spicier than quite possibly anything former host Skip Bayless has said recently.

“Last year was a down year for several reasons. I’m not even in the top 30. I had 700-and-something yards. But this year, I promise you, I’ll be in the top five at the end of the year.”

Marshall’s sentiments are nice, but it’s pretty hard not to chuckle at that statement. It’s not even that the 32-year-old receiver has nothing left in the tank. It’s that if he remains with the Jets — and there’s a decent chance he gets cut as a salary cap casualty — he’s probably not going to play with a quarterback who can deliver those top five numbers.

The Jets currently are stuck with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg as their lone quarterbacks on the roster. Neither could be described as a promising prospect. New York could go after a veteran bridge quarterback, but those options aren’t exciting either.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is injury prone and severed his relationship with Marshall in 2014 before Marshall was traded by the Bears to New York. Tony Romo might be the best option, but he’ll likely only go somewhere he can win right away and the Jets are (or should be) in the midst of a rebuild. Mike Glennon might have upside, but he’s unproven at best.

Then again, maybe Marshall is expecting the Jets to dump him during the offseason. And that might be the best career move possible for him.

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