Breaking down Josh McCown’s 1-year contract with the Jets

The New York Jets found their starting quarterback for the 2017 season when they signed journeyman Josh McCown to a one-year deal worth $6 million, plus an additional $7 million in possible incentives.

McCown’s arrival certainly isn’t one that provides much flash to an already barren roster. Sure, his $6 million is fully guaranteed and that might be deemed a steep price for a one-year stopgap. But the Jets weren’t in much of a position of strength as an ugly quarterback market continued to worsen.

However, McCown’s incentives aren’t much to worry about because he likely won’t achieve most of them. The structuring of the incentives also gives the Jets some protection if McCown, who has suffered concussions in the past, gets injured again this season.

McCown will make $125,000 for every game he plays at least 50 percent of the snaps in and that would add up to $2 million in total incentives should he play in every game next season, per ESPN’s Rich Cimini. The snap count percentage could protect the Jets from an in-game injury. It also gives the Jets some flexibility if they decide to throw Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg under center.

That’s the only incentive McCown will likely ever see a dime from, barring a season-ending injury. Cimini reports McCown would make an additional $2 million if the Jets make the playoffs and he plays 65 percent of the snaps, an additional $1.5 million if Gang Green makes the Super Bowl and another $1.5 million if they win it.

This just in: The Jets will not be playoff contenders, let alone competing for a Super Bowl this season.

Essentially, McCown will make a decent salary and will wind up making $8 million so long as he stays healthy or doesn’t play horribly next season,

Meanwhile, McCown fits exactly what the Jets were looking for in 2017 and comes at a much cheaper price than fellow journeyman Brian Hoyer, who signed a two-year deal worth $12 million with $9.85 million in full guarantees. As our Adam Zielonka wrote, McCown will hold the fort for one season while the Jets continue to build their depleted roster.

And surely, the Jets wouldn’t mind doling out the additional $3 million if McCown got the Jets to the Super Bowl. Then again, there’s a better chance that the Super Bowl gets canceled next season.

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