Todd Bowles opens up on Revis: Joining Pats “would be great for him”

Todd Bowles answered questions about practically every player on his roster Tuesday, as well as one notable player who no longer is on it — Darrelle Revis.

While speaking with reporters at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix, Bowles was asked how he’d feel if Revis re-joined the New England Patriots.

“I think that would be great for him,” Bowles said. “Like I said, I’m a big Revis fan. I have a ton of respect for the guy, and that’ll never change for me.”

But does Bowles think Revis can still compete at a high level?

“He has to prove it, obviously, but if he does, that’s great and I’ll be happy for him, as long as he doesn’t play well against us,” Bowles quipped.

Bowles later called Revis “one of his favorite people” before being asked if he believes Revis could make the switch to safety now in the twilight of his career.

“The skill set is there, but safety is a mindset. Everybody’s looking at safety as a minor position. It’s a major position,” he said. “To make a transition to safety, you better have played safety quite a bit.”

“I’m not saying he can’t do it. I think Revis can do anything he can put his mind to,” he continued. “But right now that’s just for talk. Until it’s proven, you don’t know.”

The Jets released Revis March 1 after his second stint with New York came to an unceremonious end. Revis had his worst season yet in 2016, getting torched by receivers such as Buffalo’s Marquise Goodwin, then was arrested in February for his role in a street fight in Pittsburgh (the charges were later dismissed).

He was due $15.3 million in 2017, making the cut a savvy business move for the Jets.

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