Vegas knows what everyone else does: The Jets will struggle in 2017

The online gambling site Bovada gives the Jets the longest odds to win the AFC East in 2017, the longest odds to win the AFC and the longest odds to win Super Bowl LII.

Bovada sets New York’s odds of winning Super Bowl LII at 200/1, tied with the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers for the worst in the entire league. The Jets and Cleveland share 100/1 odds to win the conference.

In the AFC East, Bovada sets the Jets at 33/1 odds to win the division, a distant fourth place behind their competitors. The New England Patriots are clear favorites at 1/5, the Miami Dolphins are at 5/1 and the Buffalo Bills are at 7/1.

Shortly after Super Bowl LI, a different bookmaking site, Westgate Las Vegas, gave the Jets 100/1 odds to win next year’s big game, while setting Cleveland and San Francisco at a far more distant 300/1. But since then, New York has entered an obvious rebuilding mode, clearing their roster of older vets like Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall and Nick Mangold. Their quarterback situation is arguably worse than before now that it’ll be led by Josh McCown.

So, will you take those odds? Say you put down a forgettable $10 on the Jets to win their division today. Should Gang Green pull it out, you’ll win $330 on that bet in January.

Some gambling enthusiasts (or diehard Jet optimists) might take a chance there, but I’m not a betting man. At least, not where the 2017 Jets are concerned. Instead, we should focus on the over/under for the Jets’ win total, which Vegas has set at five. Whether the Jets can pull out six wins is a more interesting debate right now.

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