Video: Leonard Williams breaks up fight that might’ve involved Darron Lee

New York Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams was caught on camera restraining a man who appears to be Jets’ 2016 first-round pick Darron Lee after he was allegedly involved in an argument with a woman at Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City Saturday night.

The details of this altercation are still vague and the team has declined to comment. However, video footage shows Williams lifting the man who looks like Lee away from the situation. The person who filmed the incident claimed the man in question was shouting at the woman and started to “manhandle her,” and call her names. He adds the man continued to try to reach the woman before Williams calmly intervened.

No arrests were made stemming from the incident. Below is footage of the altercation:

Again, it’s not entirely conclusive whether Lee was involved in the fight. But a picture posted earlier in the day of Williams and Lee at the festival might give a better indication.

Jet Fuel will continue to update this story as more details are revealed. Below is an entire account of the incident from the person who filmed it:

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