Jets 2017 NFL Draft Mock Draft Roundup: One week until draft day

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The New York Jets will be on the clock in exactly one week. That’s right Jet fans, in just seven days all eyes will be on the Philadelphia Museum of Art as all 32 teams attempt to build their futures.

Here’s six more mock drafts and my take on a few picks to keep you occupied until then.

Affiliation Player Position School
Lance Zierlein 4/18 Jamal Adams S LSU
 Mel Kiper 4/19  ESPN OJ Howard TE Alabama
Chad Reuter 4/14 Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
Pete Prisco 4/17 CBS Sports Marshon Lattimore CB  Ohio State
Matt Miller 4/14 Bleacher Report Jamal Adams S LSU
RJ White 4/14 CBS Sports Patrick Mahomes II* QB Texas Tech

*RJ White’s mock has the Jets trading down with Cincinnati for the 9 overall pick and then with Arizona for the 13 overall pick

Love: Jamal Adams (Zierlein, Miller)

jamal adams draft
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I’ve said it before and I say it again, Jamal Adams and the New York Jets are a fantastic match. Adams is rated as the top safety in the draft and the Jets are in desperate need of help in the secondary. Adams can give them just that and more as he has proven to be a team leader at LSU. Every rebuild must start somewhere and I believe that the Jets should start theirs with Adams if he’s available.

Like: Patrick Mahomes II (White)

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.25.05 PM
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This pick is less about the player and more about the pick itself, specifically the act of trading down. In this scenario the Jets actually trade down twice, netting them two extra third rounders and a fourth rounder. I can’t deny Mahomes’ talent, but he spent his three years in college running Texas Tech’s “air raid” offense in the NCAA’s weakest conference. Of the 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, only two, Andy Dalton (TCU) and Sam Bradford (Oklahoma), have come out of the Big 12. While I worry about how Mahomes will adjust to a pro-style offense, it would be good to see a franchise so synonymous with draft day blunders have a few extra picks to work with.

Hate: O.J. Howard (Kiper)

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.20.57 AM.png
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I have nothing against O.J. Howard, but while a rebirth of the tight end position for the Jets would be nice, they have much more pressing needs at other positions such as quarterback, safety, cornerback, and linebacker. Howard possesses the potential to be a fantastic NFL tight end, but if the Jets are looking for a tight end they’re better off taking a Jake Butt or Evan Engram in the later rounds.

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