Rex Ryan flips on assessment of ex-Jet QB Mark Sanchez

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Rex Ryan was talking out of his rump once again while discussing the New York Jets.

Ryan, who served as the Jets coach from 2009-14, made some interesting comments about former Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Hindsight has clearly taken a toll on Ryan’s feelings regarding his former quarterback.

“With Sanchez, I knew he wasn’t going to be a franchise quarterback, but I thought he’d be good enough to win with,” Ryan said. “The guys coming out in this year’s class have a much higher rating than Mark had — and Mark was OK.”

It appears Ryan is sticking with the ESPN (his new employer) mantra of making no sense whatsoever. Remember, the Jets traded up to draft Sanchez fifth overall in the 2009 NFL Draft. Ryan also arduously defended Sanchez even as the team crumbled during the final three seasons of his tenure.

Let’s also not forget Ryan would call Sanchez “The Sanchize,” and even got a regrettable tattoo featuring Sanchez.

Listen, Ryan will always be a beloved figure in my books. Two AFC Championship Game appearances are nothing to dismiss when evaluating the overall history of this dismal franchise. Ryan talked the talk and occasionally walked the walk. I even miss Ryan’s fiery bravado sometimes, especially when compared to the calm, albeit boring Todd Bowles.

Ryan probably wishes he knew back then what he knows now about Sanchez. He might still be coaching in The Big Apple if he had.

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