New York Jets hold 11th spot in NFL Draft after Week 14

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Playoffs? We used to talk about playoffs?

The feel-good story of the underdog New York Jets has come to a crashing halt following a 23-0 trouncing at the hands of the lowly Denver Broncos. In the defeat, the Jets put up the fewest offensive yards for any NFL team since the 2010 season and the second-fewest in franchise history.

But depending on how you measure success in the NFL, the loss may be a long-term positive, despite the embarrassing result. At the conclusion of Sunday’s games, the Jets will hold the 11th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft thanks to their 5-8 record.

Below is the NFL Draft order — and strength of schedule, courtesy of Tankathon — if the season were to end on Dec. 10 (and yes, we know it doesn’t).

  1. Cleveland Browns (0-13)
  2. New York Giants (2-11)
  3. Indianapolis Colts (3-10, .490 strength of schedule)
  4. San Francisco 49ers (3-10, .519 SOS)
  5. Denver Broncos (4-9, .485 SOS)
  6. Cleveland Browns, via Houston Texans (4-9, .512 SOS)
  7. Chicago Bears (4-9, .553 SOS)
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-9, .558 SOS)
  9. Cincinnati Bengals (5-8, .475 SOS)
  10. Washington Redskins (5-8, .524 SOS)
  11. New York Jets (5-8, .525 SOS)
  12. Miami Dolphins (5-7, .551 SOS)*

*Have not played yet in Week 14

Here are some things to note:

As you can see, the “tiebreaker” in NFL Draft order is strength of schedule, which is calculated by the winning percentage of a team’s opponents. The current strength of schedule number does not account for the final three games of the season, which could end up hurting the Jets. New York finishes the 2017 season with games against the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers, three teams with a combined record of 26-12 (.684 winning percentage).

Even if the Jets lose out and finish 5-11, their strength of schedule will skyrocket and could put them behind teams with an identical record. Therefore, Jets fans should still keep an eye on the teams with four or five wins. Unless they win, it won’t be easy for the Jets to jump them in the order.

Here is the remaining strength of schedule for teams with four or five wins (updated through 4:00 p.m. games).

  • Denver Broncos: .385
  • Houston Texans (pick goes to Cleveland): .579
  • Chicago Bears: .436
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: .667
  • Cincinnati Bengals: .632
  • New York Jets: .684
  • Washington Redskins: .308
  • Miami Dolphins: .608

There are also a few games to watch in Week 15 for draft positioning.

  • Denver Broncos (No. 5) at Indianapolis Colts (No. 3) — Thursday Night Football
  • Arizona Cardinals (No. 12/13) at Washington Redskins (No. 11)

Lastly, some miscellaneous notes.

  • If the Miami Dolphins lose on Monday night to the Patriots, they will still hold the No. 12 overall pick. If they win, they could “fall” to No. 15.
  • Three of the teams in the top 11 won their games on Sunday (49ers, Broncos and Bears).

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